Thursday, 5 June 2008

"You call this democracy!" - Workshop on political funding, voting and centralisation at Climate Camp 3-11th Aug

Some great news: Political Funding Watch has teamed up with Republic to put on a workshop at Climate Camp, at 4:30pm on Wednesday 6th August.

Democratic reform has never come easy. There are always vested interests who gain from the status quo.

In the past, direct action has been at the core of campaigning for democratic reforms.

Now, perhaps the stakes are much bigger, which is why we ask the question "What is the role of our poor democracy in climate chaos?".

Full details are as follows:
Day: Wednesday
Time: 16.30-18.30
Space: Space E. Politics/ Campaigns/ Issues
Directions: See here

• Neale Upstone - Political Funding Watch
• Graham Smith - Republic

Sometimes fighting against climate chaos can seem like hitting our heads against a brick wall. This session looks at some of those bricks, how they are held in place, and how we might remove them.

We aim to do justice to some or all of the follow-ing areas, with speakers and group discussion:

• Political Funding – Do your votes cost less at Sainsbury's? Who bankrolls the big parties and why?
• The Voting System – Not much more than a third of our population voted for the current government, and yet they have absolute power. Can proportional representation help?
• The Peers and the Queen – Would an elected head of state and an elected second chamber help?
• Centralised Government - Britain has the sec-ond (to Malta) most centralised government in Europe. How might things look if Whitehall gave people more control over their local af-fairs?
• The Media - The drive for profits in the global media has lead to a drastic reduction in real journalism and the rise of PR in it's place. How do we overcome the “Flat Earth” news?

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