Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Draft Queen's Speech "kicks funding reform into long grass"

While errors by the BBC may have given cause for hope, Gordon Brown's statement giving a draft legislative programme has left us no hope yet for funding reform.

His proposals seem to be an attempt to shift the burden of blame on to local government. He is proposing to introduce legislation to make local government, police and the health service more accountable, while leaving the big problem, the huge machinery of central government and unelected quangos, untouched.

Pointing out the absence of anything on party finances, the president of Unlock Democracy, Peter Facey, said that reforms had "been kicked into the long grass".

Is it not time that we started dropping banners from the roofs of polling stations prior to by-elections?

Perhaps they should say "future crime scene" and point out just how the bribery works.

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