Thursday, 8 January 2009

Parties and Elections Bill going nowhere!

News from Liberal Democrat MP David Howarth, is not exactly encouraging.

It seems that the attempts by he and his colleagues to get more substantial reforms have been quashed by the Labour Government (not suprising given how much J.K. Rowling recently gave them) and the Conservatives who cannot resist maintaining the privileges of wealth:

When the Bill was discussed in Committee, over 200 amendments were tabled. Only nine of these related to reform of donations and spending limits, and they were all tabled by the Liberal Democrats. And it gets worse: the government's decision to push these nine amendments to the back of the agenda and the Conservatives' time-wasting over dozens of nitpicking alterations colluded to ensure that our amendments were not even reached.
It seems to me that if we want to see real progress on this issue, then we're going to have to get out on the streets and campaign about it.  In my view, the place to start is outside every Sainsbury's store.

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