Friday, 29 August 2008

Unions and big donors continue to prop up political spending "arms race"

A BBC report, doing a little bit more than just updating their report from 3 months earlier, indicates that the big money continues to come in from a small number of big donors for the big parties.

They add that David Sainsbury has (apparently, I can't be bothered to check if they're accurate yet) converted a £2m loan to a donation (they needed it to pay their staff bills).

Were the BBC actually doing a job as journalists, perhaps they would at least try to answer a simple question: "Why?"

Why is David Sainsbury continuing to prop them up? What's in it for him? Perhaps they threatened to give the Competition Commissions some teeth against the supermarkets monopoly.

They might even, just possibly ask another question: "Why has the government not acted on the (Sir Hayden) Philips Review?"

It's no wonder the government is so quiet on reform when the BBC doesn't actually bother to ask a single serious question, or even link to the Philips Review.

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